3 Issues That Demand Immediate Attention from a CFO

3 Issues That Demand Immediate Attention from a CFO1. You are experiencing explosive growth that feels out of control? Congratulations, this is a nice problem to have! But if handled incorrectly you can seriously jeopardize your company.

2. You are preparing your company for a strategic partnership, acquisition or debt refinancing. You only get one chance to get this type of scenario right.

3. You have uncovered a problem that you either don’t feel your staff can resolve or you suspect they may even be complicit in the matter. Bringing in an outside financial expert to analyze the situation can be the simplest and most efficient means of resolution.

About Dale Kubiesa

Dale Kubiesa, your Accounting-CFO has over 30 years of experience working with companies from start-ups to Fortune 500. Dale holds a BA in Commerce and an MBA, both from DePaul University. As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and CFO for Hire Dale brings the accounting and financial firepower to your organization that you need, no matter how challenging the situation.
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