7 Signs You Need a CFO Consultant

7 Signs You Need a CFO Consultant1. You can no longer continue to wear the financial analyst hat and the operations hat and the marketing hat and the CEO hat and the…

2. You are scared that you may be missing important financial policy changes that could be having an adverse effect on you, your company and your stakeholders.

3. You wish you had someone on your team who could help you navigate and manage the expanding role of bankers, investors and other stakeholders.

4. You wake up at night wondering “Am I making the right financial decisions for my company?” Or, worse yet, “How will I protect my company from my poor financial decisions if I make them?”

5. Your accountant is competent at accounting, but is not someone with whom you can hold a high level, strategic business conversation.

6. You wish you could afford to have an “A” player on-staff that’s “been there, done that” and could help you steer the company with financial metrics, experience, and counsel.

7. You’ve decided that alone you are not going to be able to drive change through the organization but you can’t justify bringing on a permanent, high-cost senior level person.

Even experienced executives can fall prey to the build-up of excess inventory, or rapid employment expansion. Simply put, few companies are floating in excess cash. If you are growing rapidly, or facing complex strategic decisions due to expansion of your products or services, Kubiesa & Associates can help.

About Dale Kubiesa

Dale Kubiesa, your Accounting-CFO has over 30 years of experience working with companies from start-ups to Fortune 500. Dale holds a BA in Commerce and an MBA, both from DePaul University. As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and CFO for Hire Dale brings the accounting and financial firepower to your organization that you need, no matter how challenging the situation.
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