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Real Estate Strategies for Business Owners and Investors

Real Estate Strategies for Business Owners and InvestorsShould Commercial Real Estate be part of my business’ overall operating and financial plan?

 Why is one lease better than another? What should I look for?

 How and where can I get financing in this economy?

These are great questions and as the Principal at Kingston Real Estate Advisors, Dale Kubiesa, your Accounting-CFO can help you get the right answers!

“In the area of Commercial Real Estate our mission is simple…to thoroughly understand your real estate investment needs, fully explore and analyze the complex choices available, and promptly provide you clear solutions to make sound business decisions that enhance your bottom line and build your wealth.”

Commercial Business + Commercial Real Estate = Your Future

Does This Equation Add Up for You?

Perhaps. One thing is for certain though. Your situation is unique and only by working together to fully understand your goals and requirements can Dale and his team determine what Commercial Real Estate strategy makes sense for you.

The Tools and Expertise to Get the Questions Answered

As your Accounting-CFO, Dale Kubiesa and his Kingston team use solid analytical techniques to help you evaluate commercial real estate decisions from a sound business viewpoint:

Financial Analysis:

  • Cash flow modeling
  • Comparative lease analysis
  • Lease needs analysis
  • Return on Investment (ROI) analysis
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR) analysis

 Market Analysis:

  • Location and feasibility analysis
  • Demographics/economic data
  • Geographic information